Vietnamese coffee

Vietnam is the second largest producer of coffee. Coffee shops are present on every street corner and coffee is a very important part of life in Vietnam.

A Vietnamese coffee?

A Vietnamese coffee is everything:

  • It starts with the product. Vietnamese coffee is coffee beans from Vietnam.
  • It is then the preparation method with what we call the “Vietnamese filter”.
  • There are also recipes for very specific coffees such as egg coffee or coconut coffee.
  • And most importantly for us, it's a complete experience. The café is a place of relaxation and exchange in Vietnam, you take your time there.

Vietnamese filter coffee hanoi corner paris

To introduce you to the Vietnamese coffee experience

At Hanoi Corner, we introduce you to all the elements of Vietnam's coffee culture. We went to see producers in Vietnam to select different types of coffee.

We roast coffee in Paris with great care for optimally fresh coffee. We prepare the coffee carefully to give you the experience of a Vietnamese coffee. We are also keen to share with you all the knowledge of Vietnamese coffee.

We offer coffee, Vietnamese filter for sale and everything you need to prepare it yourself.

Hanoi Coffee - Egg coffee

(or Vietnamese tiramisu)​

Known among the essential specialties of Hanoi, egg coffee is essentially composed of robusta coffee from Vietnam, with eggs and condensed milk. Having a taste reminiscent of tiramisu, this comforting coffee will take you back to a world of indulgence with a foamy egg cream accompanying the well-chocolated and caramelized coffee. ​At Hanoi Corner, you can taste it every day.

Egg coffee or Vietnamese tiramisu at Hanoi Corner