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Hanoi Corner Paris

Café robusta du Vietnam - Hanoi Corner - Robusta de Gia Lai

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Un café qui sort de l'ordinaire avec des notes de papaye, chocolat et whisky.

Il sera parfait pour l'Espresso, moka ou filtre vietnamien.

Composition : 
100% Robusta en processus anaérobique naturel de Gia Lai

Sourcing et production :
Nous avons sourcé nos cafés directement au Vietnam auprès d'une coopérative rémunérant les planteurs au prix juste. Nous acheminons nos grains frais avec le plus grand soin. Enfin, nos cafés sont torréfiés chaque semaine par Kawa pour une fraîcheur optimale.

Les + :

  • Un café rare
  • Fine robusta en torréfaction claire
  • Single origin
  • Robusta
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  • Order before 8 a.m. Dispatch during the day

  • Distributor, UNHCR Custom quote

  • Collection within 24 hours Available in store Paris 9E

Sourcing and production

We sourced our coffees directly in Vietnam from a cooperative that pays the planters a fair price. We transport our fresh grains with the greatest care. Finally, our coffees are roasted every week by Kawa for optimal freshness.

Roasted in France

After its arrival in France, the coffee is then roasted every week at our partner roaster KAWA Paris 18th. Fresh roasting is essential to enhance the earthy flavor carried by the coffee

Café robusta du Vietnam - Hanoi Corner - Robusta de Gia Lai
  • Grain entier - €13,00
  • Filtre Vietnamien - €13,00
  • Moka - €13,00
  • Espresso - €13,00

Quality coffee from Vietnam in vogue

For 10 years, younger generations of coffee producers have invested in research into new methods of growing trees and processing coffee. From Fine Robusta to Specialty Arabica, new positive results keep coming. Vietnam's quality coffee surprises the whole world. By applying more ecological drying methods, Viet farmers are joining the fight against global warming.

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